The new homeowners really wanted to put their own stamp on the house that they planned to raise their daughter in. The living room had no personality and really didn't reflect who they were and how they lived. They brought me in to turn a dark room into a light, airy, comfortable space. I started by removing the dark brick fireplace and adding a simple white mantle with glass and stone mosaic tiles around the fireplace opening. It brightened the space immediately.

Then I added custom furnishings mixed with online finds, for a space that truly is a mix of their styles; a modern classic style with a mid-century twist. It's the place for the family to gather to play in, read in and enjoy each other.


Give me pattern, give me colorful accessories, give me comfortable furniture and make it all kid-friendly was the wish of my client. A wonderful mom to two sweet boys, wanted a space in her updated Victorian that reflected her style of a fresh crisp look with a pop of glam. She had a few key pieces already but needed help putting the look together. That is where I came in and was able to give her the look she desired on an affordable budget. She thought it looked great!


Living in SOMA is fun for my client. Lots of architectural wonders. Lots of great restaurants. And, lots of interesting people walking by. What he missed was nature. He wanted to bring in some natural living elements into his space. So, I took a bland "L" shaped area in his living room, covered it with reclaimed wood and added a living wall with lush green plants.

Then paired it with custom cube shelving for his photos and books. And, wrapped up the modern rustic design theme by bringing in comfortable seating in calming tones of tan and cream in lots of different textures with a pop of burnt orange. It's now a great place to entertain and to spend time enjoying the view inside and outside.


(Spaces could include Kitchen, Powder Room off Kitchen, Dining Room Master Bathroom and Entry) Depending on which images go on website the copy would have to revised from what is there now.


My client requested that I turn a 50's style rancher into a modern, yet comfortable, space for a family of four. They had purchased the house the year before and wanted to update their large family space with a touch of mid-century style. I started with a new color palette for them with greens, browns and cream. Painted one long wall a not-so-timid green and two other walls in a two-tone tan 20" high horizontal stripes.

Designed custom window treatments in a large scale pattern with a bold chocolate ban on the bottom. Brought in new lighting to complement the clean lines of the furniture. And, topped it all off with pops of orange and accessories found at the local flea market. The end result made the client say "I'm getting a little misty, it's so perfect."


(Spaces could include Unit 2 Kitchen, Unit 2 Bathroom and Unit 3 Kitchen) Depending on which images go on website the copy would have to revised from what is there now.


Stuck in the 80's and wanting a warm, cozy, bright living room; my client called for help. The once dusty rose colored space was replaced by warm shades of cream, putty and tans. Bringing in lots of textures on all the fabrics and combining them with patterns, inspired while on vacation in Morocco, gave dimension to the space. The final touch that brought the whole room together, was the custom window treatments that created a simple yet elegant pop to the room. A much under used room is now the space for gathering and enjoying. Bye bye 80's.


When I walked into my client's space for the first time, I saw a blank canvas before me. My mind started to design. Where there were white walls, I saw pale shades of stone and putty. Where there was a flat screen mounted to the wall, I saw a custom asymmetrical bookcase flanking the fireplace with a deep orange back wall. And, where there was a boring back wall in the dining area, I saw striped wallpaper in shades of chocolate, pumpkin, tan with a tint of metallic bronze.

My client asked for a space that reflected his casualness, his whimsical nature and his love of color. Especially, the color of orange. He needed functional elements, too. Like comfy places to sit. Display spaces for his vast toy collection. I gave him not only a space for everything but one that truly reflects him.


Storage, storage and more storage is what my client requested. But, they also wanted a modern space with traditional touches that would be perfect for watching TV and entertaining, while the kids also had plenty of room to play. So, the once open shelves got new doors with grass cloth inserts installed. Plus, additional open shelves were built were there was once just a blank wall.

Next, a comfy sofa and two patterned swivel chairs in kid - friendly fabrics were added. Providing a more comfortable place for cuddling up to read their daughter's favorite storybook. Now, they have a place for everyone to enjoy and a place for everything.