“Help us choose finishes for our master bathroom that we’re having built,” was the request from my returning clients. I had helped them the year before with their kitchen remodel and thought, “Wow, these clients are great to work with, hope we can do it again.” So, I was thrilled when they once again enlisted my services. My clients have a spacious bedroom in their 1930’s home, but no ensuite bathroom. So, along with them, the architect and contractor, we envisioned a restful space that could function well for a family of four; all the while giving mom her desired long relaxing soaks, as well as his and her sinks.

We selected a deep, freestanding tub and paired it with an off-white double-sink vanity topped with a Petra Grigio Marble countertop, all lit by three beautiful Moroccan inspired ceiling-hung, clear glass sconces that send a beautiful glow throughout the room.  Next, we installed three-toned off-white, geometric shape marble floor tile. The shower compliments the rest of the room with mushroom-colored subway wall tile, accented with a small hexagon Carrara mosaic tile on the shower floor. This combination of shapes and color tones provide a beautiful and relaxing sanctuary—until their two fun loving kids want to take a tub in the big, new bathroom.