I listen. By beginning with a meeting in your home, I carefully document your answers to lifestyle-specific-questions about how you want to feel in the space; what your likes and dislikes about the interior are; your desired timing and budget for the project; and, of course, an assessment of your personal style.

I research. I am always sourcing showrooms in the San Francisco Design Center, specialty shops through out the Bay Area and online resources to expand my knowledge of what is out there. You can be confident that I will find just the right pieces to make you room – or entire home - truly one of a kind, as well as comfortable. I meticulously plan out the entire interior to determine the best placement for all the components, because taking the time in the beginning of the project to do the detail planning and sourcing, makes for better project results of which everyone is proud.

I design. By offering my unique Design Coaching Process, which invites you to be part of every step of the design project, I can guarantee a truly harmonious experience, as well as a transformed interior space that surpasses expectations.

I meet goals. This is because when I manage the interior redesign project - from start to finish – I do so by using only trusted resources, such as window treatment fabricators, upholstery vendors, cabinetmakers, painters, and furniture craftsmen. I treat every design opportunity – large and small – with the same importance. It is my personal goal to not only complete the your home redesign within a desired time frame and budget, but to achieve a finished product we’re both thrilled about.